Three reasons to upgrade your agricultural machinery in 2019

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Efficiency vs expense – how does your equipment stack up? When costs are starting to outweigh benefits, it’s time to upgrade your agricultural machinery.

As New Zealanders, we pride ourselves on our ‘Kiwi ingenuity’ – making do with what we have and getting the most out of a situation that may not be ideal. It’s a great attitude, until it starts affecting our productivity and output. While we all want to get the most out of the machinery we’ve already invested in, if that equipment isn’t in top condition, it’s likely to become an increasing expense, rather than an asset.

1. Technology enhances productivity

GPS intelligence, performance precision, robotics and automation, sustainability… there’s a growing trend towards automation in the agricultural sector, which translates to less resource expense and higher efficiency. Automatic counting, weighing, mixing and shutoffs (to name a few) ensure more accurate output, creating cost savings and increased yields.

All this means agricultural machinery technology will continue to steam ahead, making it more important than ever to implement the right machinery for the job.

2. Compatibility lessens labour hours

These days, it’s not often a piece of ag machinery operates in isolation and, if it does, it’s likely to be a fair bit older and possibly wearing down. The result? Reduced productivity and potentially higher man hours to operate.

New farm machinery on the other hand will likely be compatible with more of its kind, thus increasing efficiency on the farm.

3. Less downtime, more return

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that worn-out ag machinery brings with it increased downtime. Slower and less efficient operation + frequent breakdown = reduced productivity, which affects your bottom line.

When we talk about downtime, we’re not just talking about machinery malfunctions – it also includes training and handling of machinery by new staff. As machinery evolves, usability increases and the rate at which workers learn new systems decreases. Easy-to-use equipment is a gamechanger when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

Partners in innovation

New Zealand’s agricultural sector is known around the world as a leader of innovation. Contractors are constantly on the lookout to employ their Kiwi ingenuity to stay ahead of the game, driving the industry to better its products across the board.

At CrediFlex, our finance partners specialise in agricultural machinery finance. Talk to your local broker and find out how the right finance solution can help you upgrade your ag machinery in 2019 for more efficient outcomes.

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