Piloting Your Business in a Slowing Economy with CrediFlex

Kia ora! At CrediFlex, we know that understanding the nuances of business ownership and economic shifts in Aotearoa is pivotal to your business journey. Our purpose is to offer guidance amidst fluctuating economic conditions, leveraging our knowledge of market trends and tailored financial solutions. This month, we’re examining the current economic slowdown and how your business can not only survive but thrive during this period.

The economy, ever unpredictable, is influenced by variables like inflation rates, consumer spending, business investment trends, and of course, interest rates. With CrediFlex by your side, these intimidating elements become navigable waters, leading you to your destination of business success.

Firstly, let’s talk about inflation. Peaking at 7.3% in June 2022, the heightened inflation rate might have felt unsettling for business owners. However, remember that inflation in moderation signifies a robust economy. As your trusted advisors, we can guide you to adjust your business strategies to suit these conditions, making opportunities out of challenges.

Now, onto consumer spending. Recent surveys indicate that spending patterns are changing as the economy slows, which could influence demand for your products or services. But rest assured, our industry expertise can help you anticipate these shifts and adapt your business accordingly, ensuring you remain resilient during this period.

Business investment trends are also affected in a slowing economy, with cautious sentiment likely. Despite the more cautious climate, strategic investments can still deliver substantial benefits. With our understanding of your business goals, financial situation, and risk tolerance, we can support you in making sound financial decisions that fuel your growth.

The conversation about the economic slowdown wouldn’t be complete without discussing interest rates. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), in an attempt to curb strong domestic demand, has lifted interest rates with the OCR standing steady at 5.50%. Even though no rate cuts are on the horizon, we can still assist you in securing favourable loan terms and competitive rates through our network of lenders.

At CrediFlex, we believe in fostering long-term relationships, serving as trusted advisors rather than mere brokers. We simplify the complex financial landscape, offering specialised advice based on current market trends, economic indicators, and most importantly, your unique business context.

Regardless of your current financial concerns – cash flow management, financing needs, or understanding how the economic downturn can impact your business, we’re here to help. We stand alongside you throughout your financing journey, prioritising your business success.

The New Zealand Treasury anticipates a slowdown in activity over the next 12 months, with growth projected to slow to 1.0% in June 2024, before averaging 2.7% thereafter. While this scenario might seem challenging, remember that slowdowns are also times of opportunities. With CrediFlex, you’re not alone in facing these changes; we promise to navigate the complexities together.

Take the uncertainty out of finance. Collaborate with us to transform economic challenges into strategic growth opportunities for your business. Contact us today – we’re ready and eager to assist you.

Haere rā!

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